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University of Queensland: Graffiti Study

Family and individual characteristics of a community sample of adolescents who graffiti Professor Graham Martin of the University of Queensland studied young taggers in 2003, utilizing a¬†questionnaire¬†he focused on measuring perceived academic performance, general family functioning, parental care, overprotection and…

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University of Gronungen (Netherlands): Social Disorder Study

The Spreading of Disorder Abstract: Imagine that the neighborhood you are living in is covered with graffiti, litter, and unreturned shopping carts. Would this reality cause you to litter more, trespass, or even steal? A thesis known as the broken…

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SFU: Graffiti Study

Couch Surfing in Vancouver: An aggregate study of the Vancouver Graffiti Suspect Network Abstract: In the 1970s, a new form of graffiti emerged. By the mid 1980s it had surfaced in other urban centers. This new phenomenon, referred to as…

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