34 instances of graffiti vandalism found in Brentwood

CALGARY – Police are investigating after fences, garages, vehicles and walls in Brentwood were spray-painted with graffiti on Thursday.

Investigators say at least 34 instances of tagging were recorded in the northwest community.

The vandalism was of everything from images and symbols to crude sayings.

The Calgary Police Service Joint Graffiti Investigative Team says the graffiti appears to be “very random” and “immature,” not the work of a prolific tagger.

They are not investigating the vandalism as a hate crime, as they suspect it was a crime of opportunity.

While many of the markings are nonsense, others are considered downright offensive for people who call the neighbourhood home.

“As a parent who’s trying to teach my daughter not to hate and to accept all people, it’s pretty horrendous when you walk around the community and see such hateful remarks all over the neighbourhood,” says resident Amanda Thompson.

Property owners aren’t necessarily on the hook for damage, and are encouraged to call 311 so that the city can help clean it up.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call police or Crime Stoppers.

By Melissa Ramsay – Online Reporter Global News  April 14, 2015


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