should I be concerned?

Graffiti vandalism is not only a concern for parents, but also for anyone who has regular contact with people involved in this crime. Youth involved in graffiti vandalism face many dangers including the likelihood of continued, or increased, criminal activity as well as long term health affects such as:
  • Substance addiction issues from use of an inhalant (spray paint or markers)
  • Respiratory health issues as the breathing system may be impacted by carcinogens from the spray paint
  • Further offences such as theft as most of the graffiti vandals steal the items used for graffiti vandalism
  • Environmental dangers from the locations they choose, such as balancing in precarious heights to mark a certain area, or dodging trains and other such machinery
  • Competition with other vandals can result in fights.


What can you do if you believe your child may be involved?

  1. Watch for the markings your child may be making in appropriate places in your home, such as a school notebook, and match them to any around your neighborhood.
  2. Contact the police graffiti coordinator. Many times the youth will put their tags on transit or school property, and not around home to avoid detection by their parents
  3. Check for cans of spray paint or markers in your home that you did not buy for your child.
  4. Ask to see the art they are doing with the spray paint or markers.
  5. Support your child's creativity by enrolling them in art or mural programs offered through the City of Calgary.