what can I do?

If you observe graffiti on your property, or someone else's property, report it.

  1. If you see the crime in progress, call 911

  2. Record the location, type of property and if possible, take a picture. Call 311 to report it. They will provide you with a case or "SR" number. Email the pictures to cpsgraffiti@calgarypolice.ca with the case or "SR" number.

  3. Remove the graffiti if it is on your property, or with the permission of property owner as quickly as possible. The longer it is left for viewing the more likely other graffiti will appear in the area.

Contact the Calgary Police Service Graffiti coordinator at 403-428-8324 or email cpsgraffiti@calgarypolice.ca for more tips to help keep your community clean.


7 things to consider to prevent graffiti

Get educated and understand graffiti vandalism, how it impacts your community, and who is responsible for graffiti prevention and clean-up in your area.

Report graffiti to the appropriate authorities. Call 911 for a crime in progress, otherwise call 311.

Work with your community to plan an authorized paint-brush mural to cover a wall plagued with graffiti. Contact Calgary Police Service Graffiti Coordinator at cpsgraffiti@calgarypolice.ca for more information.

Request or coordinate a graffiti awareness campaign at your school or in the community by contacting 311 to arrange a presentation.

"Adopt a block" in your community and make sure it stays clean and free of graffiti.

Use Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) methodology such as planting trees or other greenery near a graffiti-plagued wall. Contact your Calgary Police Service Community Liaison Officer for assistance.

Ask your Calgary Police Service Community Liaison Officer about changing the design of the environment, like having lighting installed or removed in areas that are often hit with graffiti.